Hinckley wasn’t kidding when he shared his opinion with the news reporter that “we don’t need much revelation anymore”. We are also told that alcoholic drinks are not good, and that tobacco when either smoked or chewed is an evil. [First Presidency: Heber J. ), I think it’s important that if you’re going to worry about context, then it all needs to be considered in light of all modern revelation, not just the scriptures. Where can we strike the limit, where can we reach the spirit of the Word of Wisdom? I appreciate reading the older dictionary to gain context on some of the wording. I agree that we should take care of our bodies as best we can, but we should also take care of our relationships, perhaps even more so. Considering the overwhelming complexity of nutrition science, it was a breathtakingly simple document. It is like people are concerned about the “don’ts” of the Word of Wisdom but don’t care about the “do’s”–especially like eating healthy (grains, and fruits), and moderation in all things. This is from the LDS.org website. So what are the results of the LDS Word of Wisdom? The prophet Joseph Smith repeatedly told the saints to fast and pray about a problem or a decision to receive their personal answer from our Heavenly Father. Why oh why is there someone always wanting to clarify the word of the Lord? For Mormons, this aspect of kombucha is little trickier because the reason the Word of Wisdom … If this is right, then the qualifier “mild” presumably designated small beer. Clearly there were always many who refused to go along with it. [9]. To say that all “tea” is bad is a gross misstatement, a naïveté, a lack of understanding, a misinterpretation. "The Word of Wisdom: D&C 89," Revelations in Context on history.lds.org (11 June 2013): Nevertheless, it required time to wind down practices that were so deeply ingrained in family tradition and culture, especially when fermented beverages of all kinds were frequently used for medicinal purposes. Will you do another on eating meat? While I do believe in following The Word of Wisdom, I also believe that interpretation is up to our prophets, and each person, according to his/her conscience.♡. Early Latter-day Saints were not under the same requirements for the Word of Wisdom as today's Saints are, "Strong drink" was initially interpreted as hard liquor, and did not include beer or lightly fermented wine, Tobacco, coffee and tea were not initially prohibited, but instead their use was discouraged, Kate Holbrook: The Word of Wisdom: Development and Practice. Starbucks offers some non-coffee drinks, including hot chocolate and lemonade. The first three verses were originally written as an inspired introduction and description by the Prophet. A mild drink made from grain opposed to strong drinks… well you figure it out. This sounds pretty clearly to me like drinking beer and other mild drinks is not only just not against the word of wisdom… If we are so worthy, we can receive answers to questions like these, so that we might progress as per Heavenly Fathers plan, with respect to our individual circumstances. A mild drink made from grain opposed to strong drinks… well you figure it out. (2) Drinks with names that include café or caffé, mocha, latte, espresso, or anything ending in -ccino are coffee and are against the Word of Wisdom. [4], President Wilford Woodruff from this stand, many years ago, called upon every man holding the Priesthood and occupying any office in this Church, to obey the Word of Wisdom or to resign and step aside. The Word of Wisdom teaches not to drink “hot drinks.” Hot drinks have been defined by the church as tea and coffee. The word of wisdom’s ban on hot drinks is only for coffee and tea, don’t overthink it. Full disclosure: I don’t even drink soda because I just don’t like it. But it does make sense since many of the RX are stimulants. The barley drinks of Joseph Smith s day were beer (5.5% alcohol) and "small beer" (1% alcohol). Early Latter-day Saints were not under the same requirements as today's Saints are. You know our prophet came out and said he drinks Pepsi? Alexander, "Principle to Requirement," 79. Stay entirely away from them. Coffee/tea flavored ice cream: Marginal, but probably not a Word of Wisdom violation. In general, kombucha is made with black and green tea— which are no-nos in the Word of Wisdom. I work overnights. We are a world of addicts…alcohol, drugs, coffee, soda, shopping, texting…if you can’t stop the behavior easily for extended periods of time, then you’re not using your agency to make choices. No indepth over worked explaination is needed. We do actually know the meaning of the phrase hot drinks and you stated it near the beginning of your article, “tea and coffee” and that “The Church does not have a position on this.” So why take it a step further and claim that you know that it actually means “stimulating” which has a direct reference to caffeine? There was an article in the ensign not too long ago warning about energy drinks! A mild drink made from grain opposed to strong drinks… well you figure it out. It wouldn’t be a leap to justify their activity with this verse, though others cite the “guideline” that was the Word of Wisdom in the 1800s as opposed to the commandment it is today. Neither healthy nor appetizing. Drinks. There is also the recommendation of “mild drinks” made of barley or other grains. Many people die every year of toxic levels of these “chemicals” every year. Our bodies are temples of the spirit and must be treated with respect. Tannic acid, as I am sure you know, are used in tanning skins into leather. This has the potential to lead people astray. Kind of like in Book of Mormon times when the people didn’t want to be told they were si,nets and needed to repent. Although I do believe it has deeper spiritual implications as well. This exception had been permitted by the Word of Wisdom from the beginning (see. He said caffeine has a calming effect on those with ADHD. Jim Whitefield has written several interesting and informative books on Mormonism that can be found on his website: The Mormon Delusion 10. What has been reviled to me has made me a lot healthier. Question: Has the implementation and enforcement of the Word of Wisdom changed over time? And the large amounts of sugar people shove in their pie holes after they ask the Lord to bless it to nourish them? There is an increased leaching of lead when the drink is hot (i.e. An interesting quotation attributed to Brigham Young that I had never seen before: “Some of the sisters and some of the brethren will say that tea and coffee is not mentioned in the Word of Wisdom, but hot drinks. [6]. Really…what about moderation in all things. . Are you claiming your studies should supercede a prophets guidance? . No one is promised tomorrow. Yes heat does cause as we know a reaction (chemicals wise) or should I say a change in state and I think this is what these definitions are referring to. The law is 10. I think what’s most important is to turn to the Lord for guidance and do what you think is healthiest for your body. Paying 10% tithing is a full tithe and no less acceptable than a 20% tithe. Why is it that these things have not been clarified? The number of fangs and claws that showed up were astounding to me. http://www.ldsliving.com/Recent-Studies-from-WHO-Back-Up-One-of-the-Most-Contested-Parts-of-the-Word-of-Wisdom/s/82418. The Word of Wisdom teaches not to drink “hot drinks.” Hot drinks have been defined by the church as tea and coffee. Their disobedience shows a lack of faith in the work of God. 1–9, Use of wine, strong drinks, tobacco, and hot drinks proscribed; 10–17, Herbs, fruits, flesh, and grain are ordained for the use of man and of animals; 18–21, Obedience to gospel law, including the Word of Wisdom, brings temporal and spiritual blessings.” The word of … “Hot drinks”—which Latter-day Saints understood to mean coffee and tea 20 —“are not for the body or belly,” the revelation explained. The reason the Lord has given us the Word of Wisdom. We now do as the Pharisees have for thousands of years and allow oral traditions & imaginings of men to trump the revealed word of God we once received. Looks like the author found some interesting thoughts in his studies and wanted to share. As you mentioned several times that nowhere in official church doctrine is caffeine forbidden. I can think of many more harmful things LDS members put in their bodies that are more harmful than coffee and tea. “Your statement is interesting to me because I have an anxiety disorder and caffeine (not too much) seems to help me feel normal. Popular Drinks Drink Me Almond Milk Latte Sayings Lyrics Word Of Wisdom Quotations Qoutes. The same sort of "ramping up" of requirements occurred with regard to tobacco, coffee and tea. The question remains: could we consider beer a “mild drink” as opposed to “strong drinks” such as rum, whiskey, or vodka? (just the two O.D. By Peggy Fletcher Stack The Salt Lake Tribune. ... Word of Wisdom and mild drinks … No alcohol including cold medicines. So, we also know in the BoM that “the Lord gave us all plants and herbs for the healing of our sickness and diseases”……,so what is the best way to obtain the properties from plants? So, even by this date keeping the Word of Wisdom was not a “point of fellowship”—you could still have a temple recommend if you didn’t obey, though the leaders remained clear that it was a true doctrine from the Lord. Didn’t know that God had called a new Prophet? I do not know; but he gave this without command or constraint, observing that it would be pleasing in His sight for His people to obey its precepts. . A 1919 letter, Instructions to mission presidents, date October 8, 1919 clearly shows the Word of Wisdom requirement being in place at that time: Presidents of Missions are not authorized to give temple recommends; these are issued by the President of the Church for mission members; upon obtaining suitable letters of recommendation from Mission Presidents for such members. my mother and father told me many years ago, that if I desired the right answer about something I should pray and fast about it! The Word of Wisdom has created rifts in families, neighborhoods and friendship circles. By the early twentieth century, when scientific medicines were more widely available and temple attendance had become a more regular feature of Latter-day Saint worship, the Church was ready to accept a more exacting standard of observance that would eliminate problems like alcoholism from among the obedient. There are, as you say, many aspects to be considered when studying the Word of Wisdom. Sometimes the Lord gives us commandmants to see if we can follow them…and for no other reason than just that…to teach obedience. Y drink caffeine The saying goes that if you give a weed an inch, it will take a yard. A principle is an enduring truth, a law, a rule you can adopt to guide you in making decisions. vodka, whiskey), mild drinks in that verse probably refers to beer. After telling us what is good for us, the Lord makes a promise that is one of the most marvelous, one of the most uplifting and inspiring promises that could possibly be made to mortal man. Thats why the word of wisdom is a temple question The sad part is that some people will read this piece, and use it as justification to feel superior, judgmental, and self-righteous toward their peers. Kombucha and Tea. If people don’t agree, they should just keep scrolling! We could debate this to death as well. Did everyone forget that Prophet Monson’s favorite drink was Dr. Pepper? Can you imagine Brigham directing all the saints to carry something that heavy on a *handcart* that the Lord had said was contrary to His commandments? [12] By 1915, President Joseph F. Smith instructed that no one was to be ordained to the priesthood or given temple recommends without adherence. We are a volunteer organization. For example, there has never been some “revelation update” given by God to the Word of Wisdom changing it from something expressly laid out by the Lord as “not by constraint” into a required commandment which a person must obey in order to attend the temple or even be baptized. Much of the advice contained in the Word of Wisdom was, in fact, common medical wisdom of the time. I would think if we were to be warned about adding caffeine to the list of the word of wisdom, we would know by now. Grain and fruits are good; meat should be eaten sparingly. It is a question that demands serious thought. The revelation praised “all wholesome herbs” and explained that “all grain is for the use of … Sheesh! As you bring some words into context though, you start taking other things way out of context. I also sure loved the chocolate deserts at the MTC. The Word of Wisdom has been interpreted as referring to tea and coffee when it speaks of "hot drinks", whether or not they are actually hot. Information and translations of Word of Wisdom in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. A higher order principle that must be considered is the gift of our Free Agency. words of wisdom. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest Your logic in your article seems sound and, actually, it makes a lot of sense. Have we taken an extreme view of the word of God? I reiterate that men who do not obey the Word of Wisdom are not worthy to stand as examples before the people, to be invited into private priesthood meetings and to discuss matters for the welfare of the Church of God. Liquors. Pictured: Carolyn Mormon-splaining the Word of Wisdom at a BCC holiday party. Although I’m sure it is terrible for blood pressure.”, That is interesting Katie. Food And Drink. However, the tea referred to is the conventional, habit-forming, caffeine-laden tea that is the staple of those addicted to it. The term “strong drink” certainly included distilled spirits like whiskey, which hereafter the Latter-day Saints generally shunned. By Mormon friendly I mean drinks that not only strictly comply with the official Word of Wisdom restrictions, but drinks that could easily be stocked and sold at the Creamery on BYU campus—no caffeine; drinks that shouldn’t give even the more fastidious Word-of-Wisdom … Sugar is found naturally in fruit, vegetables and other food items. Observance of the Word of Wisdom has changed over time, due to on-going revelation from modern-day prophets, who put greater emphasis on certain elements of the revelation originally given to Joseph Smith. Thus, we should not expect perfect observance of the Word of Wisdom (especially in its modern application) from early members or leaders. You also start to see the rest of the versus like eating meat sparingly. The first thing I thought was that if the Lord felt WoW needed better clarification, He would give it. On the last day of his life, confined in jail at Carthage, Illinois, solemn and conscious that he was about to meet his Maker, Joseph and his associates drank wine. We focus so much on coffee and smoking that we forget the other verses that are about eating healthy. For further information on the path to understanding the Word of Wisdom and what it means to you, you might try a few of the many documentaries on Netfix, about our food supply here in America. I’d be interested in an article addressing why that was. It also only says to not drink strong drinks and wine, strong drinks=liquor. LDS Mormons have no idea what this means because the majority have never had liquor touch their lips in their entire lives. [2]. your own Pins on Pinterest I want the Lord to know how much I love Him and I truly have had my change of heart and have “no more disposition to do evil, but good continually.” Although I am far from perfect (so very very far) I try so hard and I have on a couple occasions been judged by these one-uppers. And as a natural health practitioner and clinical nutritionist it’s funny as prior to my conversion I had been instilling the same principles in my patients without even knowing haha. If beer says non-alcohol on the bottle, is it against the Word of Wisdom and will it prohibit him from getting a temple recommend? I loved this article! I haven’t tried it yet. Mar 14, 2012 - This Pin was discovered by Theresa Guettler. I think it can be seen that alot of the definitiobs here are speaking of emotions (hot headed) also in some cases the reaction of heat. It’s fascinating how different things work for different people. I disagree with the definition if hot here. Ever since the revelation referred to as the “Word of Wisdom,” and now contained in D&C 89, was given to the Prophet Joseph Smith there has been talk of whether or not it is an effective physical health standard. Or Joseph Smith made it all up and you’re trying to make sense of his random blurbs presented as godly truths. If this actually is the word of God, wouldn’t he say it in a way that’s not confusing in the first place? “We are told, and very plainly too, that hot drinks—tea, coffee, chocolate, cocoa and all drinks of this kind are not good for man. Also, the scriptures make it clear that all commandments have temporal AND spiritual consequences. The Meta Picture. We request all addicted to this practice, to omit it while in this house. Temperature determines whether cancer will be caused. Well written. Concentrating on the overlooked do’s, or finding something better to write about such as the blessings of home teaching, being morally clean, attending church, and the blessing you receive would be much more important. Maybe that is why I love the giant chocolate brownies at BYU! No portion of this site may be reproduced without the express written consent of The Foundation for Apologetic Information and Research, Inc. Any opinions expressed, implied, or included in or with the goods and services offered by FairMormon are solely those of FairMormon and not those of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Terrible irony. Wow, you should let President Monson know that you figured it out and now the Church can be taught properly. The Elders that come over know that he has been drinking it, but didn’t say anything for or against it. …an enlightened man of wisdom should primarily speak with words as mild as milk, that the children of men may be nurtured and edified thereby and may attain the ultimate goal of human existence which is the station of true understanding and nobility. Maybe an additional reason to avoid “hot drinks”? Xxx. FairMormon is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing well-documented answers to criticisms of the doctrine, practice, and history of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. If we accept this bizarre mentality that caffeine will lead to a loss of spirit I have a feeling we will be stepping a little closer to the side of those pharisees and hypocrites that Christ was always quick to point out. The complete prohibition of alcoholic drinks of any kind only became part of the Word of Wisdom following the temperance movement of the late 19th and early 20th centuries; Presidents Joseph F. Smith and Heber J. Please pray about this subject before casting stones and justifying you weaknesses. For the next two generations, Latter-day Saint leaders taught the Word of Wisdom as a command from God, but they tolerated a variety of viewpoints on how strictly the commandment should be observed. Mild barley drinks = beer and is fine. hot expresses more than warm. The text discourages "hot drinks", the non-medicinal use of tobacco, the consumption of wine or "strong drinks", and encourages using meat sparingly. After reviewing the findings of over 1000 studies, the UN World Health Organization has determined that coffee is NOT carcinogenic, but that *any* VERY hot drink IS. Wow, this is a really convoluted meaning of “hot.” Early LDS church leaders also warned against hot soups. Prior to that the consumption of beer and wine (including the many Church vineyards in Southern Utah that produced alcoholic wine for use in sacrament throughout Idaho, Utah, and Arizona) was normal, accepted, and never considered contrary to the Word of Wisdom. . Last year while and attending Education Week I heard this great statement in regards to the Word of Wisdom: “We no longer live the law of Moses, which was a strict guide on almost every facet of life.

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